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Blair Powell
RIP 2006
Camp C.A.L.M., poet

Blair Powell

alphabetized by first name or Kerr-name
Adam Moritz 2013 Gingus’ son
Al Grierson 2000 Singer, Potty Patrol
Andy Gibson
Aumnama Security, son of Michelle & Happy Jack
Allen Damron 2005 Performer, KFF Director/founder
Andy Gibson Kerrvert
Andrea Wakefield 2009 VIP, Backstage Hospitality
Ann Adams
Antler Dave 1979
Banjo Jim Croce 2003 Parking, Picker
Barefoot Dale Larkin staff/trash
"Big" Bill Moss Security Head, Performer, Guitar player, singer
"Big" Larry Hospitality, Taco Flats (in Austin) husband to Gayle
Bill "Winnie & Bill"
Bill Haynes 2013? friend of Penny Haynes
Bill Mosley early years food service
Bill Stefgen Kerrvert
Billie Bowden 2011 Staff Breakfast Krew
Blaze Foley songwriter, duck tape user, ugly in drag
Bob Gibson Performer, Director
"Bones" Al Linderman Crafter, performer
Bonnie camped in RVs
Brian "Bee" Young Ladder Day Aints
Brian Young volunteer, performer
Brandon Lamont Veteran, cabdriver, vendor, wonderful man
Bruce Rouse Rouse House Concerts
"Bulldawg" David Lowry 2012 picker, security
Burton Sunbury Picker, Songwriter
B.W. Stevenson April 28, 1988 Performer, Songwriter
Calamity Jane Rebel Kitchen
Carol P. Weiss Performer, songwriter, advocate of the disabled
Champ Hood Performer
Charles "Charlie" Madrie
Charley Nemanick Mix master, security
Chuck Sullivan Kerrvert, Theater SeKerrity
Cookie Security, etc
Cynthia Carruthers
Danya Beck
Debi Bridges
Dee Dee (Reed?) Wine & Transportation
Diane Vickery Camp No Way Out, sold Tie-Dyes, beautiful soul
Dick Ranch Central Crew (Photographer and Journalist from Sesame Street)
Dick Walker picker, singer, Camp Sweetness and Light
Doris Orbaugh
Dylan Juan
Ed Florida 2011? songwriter, gentle, rascal lovely soul
Ed Rosenberg 2011 Energy Tree – Guitar teacher with Jerry Berry
Electric Barry James electrician
Evie Wilder
Gamble Rogers Performer
Gail Kaiser Eubanks
Gary Primich 2008? main stage performer, Harmonica workshop teacher
Gayle Montana
“Gus” August Bauer Pilant 1994 Cokes and Smoothies. Dubbed by Ezra as The Smoothie Queen.
Greg "Tope" Ruiz Kerrleader of Parking, Kramer's brother
"Hap" Frank Cross Mechanic
Harvey “Ox” Oxner Veteran, Kerrvert- SeKerrity, Human
"Hillbilly" Ames Lambert 2012
Hippy Karl Camp Nekkid - I luv U Hippie
"Hot Lips" Penny Haynes RN on First Aid Krew Could always be found w/her medical bag on the porch at Ranch Central, aka the punkin’ shack.
Jack Conway worked on maintenance with lee. he was funny & smart
Jack Hardy 2011 Camp Coho Guru, Songwriter
Jack McDaniel Memorial gate at Main Entrance, Kennedy Theatre
Jane Walker
Jeanne Jasperse songwriter, picker, DJ, Camp C.A.L.M.
Jeremy Pryor
Jerry Housely Security, Ace of Cups, manager of "Other Side" club
Jim Ross Kerrvert and Veteran
Jimmy Weston long-time Kerrvert (since the mid-70s), life-time ticket holder, singer-songwriter and musician listen to his song about Kerrville, "Life As it Should Be."
John D. Peters
John Hartford 2002 Goodtimes Festival Performer
John Vandiver Bass player, singer, guitar player, performer
Judy Meador vendor – Mid-Life Creations, QC, and a lady with style and grace
Ken Lippi 2008? Security, motorcycle rides, Hug Patrol
Kenneth Threadgill 1987 Performer
Lynn Cobb 7/12/13 Kerrvert & Staff The heart and soul of Camp Singkerrnicity
Lisa Miles Performer, songwriter, 2 Chicks
Lucky de Taos original Tipi Meadow person
Mark Hanel Guitar player
Malcolm Smith 1996 fiddler, Gypsy Walk
Mark Mahoney
Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary
Michael Kearne Guitar Player, Camp Bungie
Michael Terry Kerrvert, Camp Coho, Uncle Calvin's (Dallas)
Mike Duffy
Monte Bray 2014 Picker, dyed-in-the wool Kerrvert, Camp Cuisine
Monty Jennings Ladder Day Aints
Motorcycle Mike (Michael Sommers) 2011 Transportation, Security
Nico Bradford
Norton Buffalo 2010 main stage performer, Harmonica work shop teacher
Patrick Lawson Jan, 2006 New Folk winner, Security "My father thought Kerville was the best time of his life and I was lucky for him to share it with me" ... Benjamin Lawson
Pete Seeger 2014 Goodtimes Festival performer
Paul "Papa Smurf" Fleming Staff Central head
"Pops" Jerry Cope Oct. 26, 2013 kerrvert, cooked lunch for anyone who wanted to eat, until the food ran out. always had beans and cornbread, also drove the water tank around the grounds to help keep the dust down Penni Haynes
Phat Jack Davis 2010 Kerrvert
Quyen Emerson wife of Bill Emerson
Rachel Bissex Performer
“Redbone” Kelly 2011 Energy Tree – blues man extraordinaire
Rittie Ward a huge music fan during Kerrville's early years. She was especially crazy about Jubal Clark
Rick Kortie
Rod Kennedy 2014 Co-founder, Producer of KFF
Ronzo (Ron Roberts) Day 17, 2008 Camp Bungie - passed away at ranch in octo-potties
“Rude Dog” Rudy, Rudolfo Gonzalez
Rusty Payne
Ruth Aaronson Staffer and Kerrvert
Ryanne Security
Saylor White
"Schmidty" Ken Schmidt 2004 Photographer for Kerrville Times
Scott Belt Vaughn Hafner’s friend
“Shaggy” Dewayne Simmons 2014
Stan Rogers Performer, last seen at Crow's Nest singing
Steve Fromholz 2014 Performer, Director, Kerrville on the Road, it was Fromholz' fault!
Steve Carruthers
Stevie Dodds 2011 Picker, songwriter, Camp No Way Out
Sue Ferguson Camp Cuisine, Doug Ferguson's mom
Terlingua Rick Stevens
Tim Henderson Nov. 1, 2011 Performer —- at the festival various years from 1976 to 2010 - New folk winner 1977
“Tiny” Ellis McClane 11-11-11 Communications, Maintenance, life-long Kerrkid, son of Jena Kirkpatrick
Toby Solomon Moco Verde songwriter
Tom Ascue
Townes Van Zandt 1997 Performer
Townsend Miller Journalist, Austin American Statesman
TR Ritchie
Vic Heyman New Folk sponsor and very quiet benefactor
Walter Hyatt 1996 Performer
Winnie "Winnie & Bill"
Woodstocker Security
Wayne Kennemer New Folk Winner
Wazoo Singer, songwriter, kazoo maker, Camp Nekkid
Zirah Zarr