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Index of shirts:

Saving The World One Song At A Time

Black T-Shirt w/ Southwest Logo

100% Kerrvert

Happy Jack - Musickscapes

It Can Always Be This Way

Classical Festival
Go For Baroque

Kerrfee Club (Kertry Store)

Kerrville Folk Festival
Green letters, Green sleeve trim

Kerrville On The Road - California

Crowd T-shirt front

Crowd T-shirt back

Morning Star-Fest
kids' shirts
2006 Threadgill Theatre Construction
30th Folk Festival (2001)
may be the first t-shirt
to deviate from standard design
Celebrating Songwriters...
Pink w/small logo
Texas Monthly sponsored
w/ Eagle
Bluegrass Festival
Tie Dyed TX Wine Appreciation
Women's cut - yellow
Happy Jack - veteran volunteer
Tie Dyed bluegras Festival
Wine and Music Festival - Beige
Tie Dyed 1
Celebrating Songwriters - Lime Green Letters
Merrville Shirt
Wine & Music Festival - Rod Kennedy Presents...
Heal In the Wisdom - blue letters
Tie Dyed It's A Miracle
Wine Appreciation Society
Original design by Patty Peebles
from David Amram song
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Tie Dyed blue-ish
Wine and Music Festival - Yellow
Yellow - unusual design
Music People are Crazy!
Louisiana Folk Festival
Tank Top - Tie Dyed
35th Folk Festival (2006)
Volunteer Emergency Medical Krew
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United in Music - white (2002)
1993 Festival of the Eagle
Sanitation (2006)
20th Anniversary Tie Dyed (1993)
1986 25th Festival
Security Shirts (backs) at rest
Tie Dye 2
Wine & Music Festival - purple & black letters
15th Folk Festival - Blue (1986)
12 Great Hours
Tie Dye - small logo w/beer
Staff T-Shirt Back
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T-shirt Dress
15th Folk Festival back - Blue (1986)
2000 Happy Jack - Embroidered Eagle
Wine & Music Festival Tie Dyed
Celebrating Songwriters - Tie Dyed
United in Music 2002
Beer Angel Fashion
Celebrating Songwriters...
w/Green Letters
It's A Miracle! Tie-dyed
T-Shirt Booth 2002
Shirt back w/ Eagle
Purple Shirt w/Banana and Cup
Heal in the Wisdom
Celebrating Songwriters - Yellow
Sanitation - Green
Happy Jack - 25th with Vet Badge
Kids T-Shirt
Moon Pickin' design
Moon design back - Heal in the Wisdom
Lime Green
1993 w/ staff button
First Aid w/ cut collar
Green w/ yellow letters
20th Anniversary
Happy Jack - Transportation
2003 Happy Jack Staff Rekkerds First Year
Happy Jack - How's My Music?
Happy Jack - Staff Rekerrds
1992 back Happy Jack Scorecard Series
for Ky Hote
Ranch events
1993 Happy Jack Scorecard Series
for Ky Hote
Kerrville Festivals
2005 Happy Jack Scorecard Series
for Ky Hote
Events off-ranch
2007 Happy Jack Scorecard Series
for Ky Hote
Events to leave the ranch for
KFF Sponsors
Fall Music Fundraiser