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Welcome to the Kerrville Folk Festival Online History Project!

       This website is dedicated to the history of the Kerrville Folk Festival with a particular emphasis on the volunteer staff and how it evolved over the years. The Volunteer Staff of KFF has been called the most dedicated and welcoming volunteers at any festival in the world! It is my hope that this site will help document its success and encourage more festivals to use this paradigm.

        In 2002, I started documenting the history of the Kerrville Folk Festival staff and the history of the campground activities. Focusing on crews, creation of crews and the crew structure evolved.
        In 2006, more kerrverts got involved, in particular Tim Mason and Shannon Flaherty, who broadened the scope of history project to include the music and pretty much everything else involved with the festival. In 2009, they opened the Kerrville History Booth in the Kenneday Theatre. In the apex of the crafts booths, this booth is an interactive space for people to come up and view history, add history or otherwise hang out and meditate on the forty years of music and experiences that transpired at the Kerrville Folk Festival.

        Add your memories! Comment on posts and add your memories. Or if you see something that you have a different reKERRlection of - add your version. I will KERRect what I can and try to update the main body of the site as more reKERRlections are added.

A further purpose of this site is to be a hub for any site or document related to the History of the Kerrville Folk Festival. Such as....
      On the Kerr-Lists and Collections pages, you'll find memorial lists, wedding lists, staff concert lists as well as random collections of t-shirts, portraits, etc.

Please add your stories HERE of: Anything else you think of! If you have suggestions you don't want to post here, feel free to email me directly

It can always be this way!!

Ky Hote